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Frequently asked questions

Why use portable storage?

The biggest benefit of portable storage is convenience. Storage containers can be delivered contact free and ready for you to keep your possessions safe and secure..

With portable storage you can work on your own time, at your own pace. Pack a little, store a lot, it is really up to you.

They are an excellent temporary storage solution during a renovation, giving you a place to store your furniture or tools during your reno.

Maybe your construction site needs additional storage? Our Cubeit containers work well as construction storage containers, allowing for on-site storage when you need it.

Additional Uses for Portable Storage:

  • Local Moving
  • Moving across Canada
  • Temporary storage
  • On-Site Storage
  • Drop Off & Pickup
  • Furniture Storage
  • Construction storage
  • Renovation Storage
  • Business Storage
  • Remote Storage

The simplicity of Drop Off Storage Containers

Cubeit Storage containers can be dropped off and picked up with or without you.

Simply arrange a drop off time for a storage container with one of our Cubeit team members and let us take care of the rest.

Drop off storage containers can be booked for as long as you need them.

We offer remote storage at our secure facility if you require options for long term offsite storage.

Don’t need your storage container anymore? Let us know and we will come pick it up!

Portable Storage Containers for Saskatchewan Construction

Our Cubeit containers make perfect construction site storage containers. Providing you quick access to materials and a secure place to store your tools and equipment during off hours.

If you need storage containers for your business, Cubeit can help you with any project!

Moving Storage Containers in Saskatchewan

Cubeit makes moving simple! Our moving storage containers are the perfect solution if you're moving in Saskatchewan or across Canada.

A moving storage container can simplify your move in more ways than one:

  • Pack on your own time
  • Items are easily accessible
  • Safe & Secure
  • Weather Proof
  • Move the container to your new home
  • Unpack at your leisure

Moving storage containers make a great alternative to a traditional moving van, and are far more flexible.

Home Renovation Storage Containers in Saskatchewan

If you’ve ever wondered, β€œhow do you pack a room for renovation?” The answer is easy, Cubeit!

Our containers are the perfect storage solution for renovations, giving you a place nearby to keep your belongings safe.

So stop wondering, β€œWhere do you put things during renovating?” and start planning your renovation with a Cubeit storage container!

Some of the top benefits of using a Storage Containers for Renovations are:

  • Keep your tools safe
  • Secure space for materials
  • Great for furniture storage
  • Access your belongings anytime
  • Work on your own schedule
  • Never worry about running out of space

Be sure to contact us or fill out your Free Estimate today to get started!