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Leading storage in Canada

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We proudly support over 200 charities and community events


Driven by the passion of our team, we are the largest and fastest growing storage company in Canada.

We find sincere joy in helping others.  Positivity, honesty and humility are central to our belief structure.  We keep things simple, are disciplined and strive for excellence. Giving back to support our team and strengthen our communities is one.

While our company has grown over the years, we remain focused on our roots, always remembering that our success is based on supporting people and delivering an exceptional client experience. 

Giving Canadians a helping hand

We are passionate about Canada and Canadians. That’s why we get out there in the community, working alongside you to build stronger and healthier communities.

Sharing in our communities

It’s important to support those in need, whether that be in health care, education or community building. We are proud to be charitable partners with a wide variety of partners across Canada.

Cheering on Canadian sports

Nothing excites us more than seeing our Canadian sports heroes excel. We are fans just like you and that’s why we proudly support athletes and Olympians from all parts of the country.