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Tips for Creating a Packing Workback Schedule

Person with blue hair making a workback schedule for packing for a move

March 13, 2023

Be prepared

Pack your belongings and prepare furniture in advance to avoid rushing, accidents and damage on moving day. To protect your floors, cover them with drop sheets. Consider who will look after your kids and pets on moving day.

Moving to or from a condo or apartment?

It’s important to book an elevator and confirm where a truck or Cubeit container can be parked, and for how long on moving day.

What will the weather be like on moving day?

Always clear snow at your current and new home to make moving safe. If it’s raining, cover furniture while carrying it outdoors.

Moving Day Checklist

Thorough planning is the best way to ensure an easy move. All you need is a timetable and a checklist. Here’s a moving day countdown:


Contact Cubeit Portable Storage to arrange for a container to be delivered 1-2 weeks before your move. One benefit of Cubeit is that you can spend as much time packing your container as you need, and on your own schedule.

If some of your goods are to be stored, make the necessary arrangements with your moving advisor at Cubeit Portable Storage.

Order packing supplies in advance so you are prepared.

Create a moving binder. Use this binder to keep track of your moving notes, paperwork and receipts.

Start a file for the new homeowner. Use this for maintenance information, appliance manuals, etc. If you are moving at an employer’s request, verify which expenses and responsibilities are theirs and which are yours.

Contact Canada Customs and Revenue for information on which moving expenses may be tax deductible.

Contact schools, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, veterinarians, etc. and obtain copies of your records or have them forwarded. Ask for referrals where possible.

Begin to inventory and evaluate your possessions. What can be sold or donated to a charity?

Have a yard sale for items you no longer need.

Take measurements. Check room dimensions at your new home, if possible, and make sure larger pieces of furniture will fit through the door.


Make a list of everyone that you need to notify about your move and begin contacting them (ie. Your friends, banks, utilities, insurance, subscriptions).

Arrange for work to be done at your new home (ie. painting, repairs).


Submit a Change of Address Form to the post office, banks, and other institutions. Begin packing. Start packing the things that you use infrequently and won’t need in the next month. Clearly label each box with its contents and the room destination. Properly dispose of items that cannot be moved (ie. flammables). Start to use up things that you don’t want to move such as frozen or perishable foods.


Contact your Cubeit moving advisor to review and confirm all arrangements for your move. Tune up. Have your car checked and serviced to make sure that it is prepared for the move. Have rugs and drapes cleaned.


Spend time packing and loading your Cubeit container at your convenience and on your own schedule. Remember to pack the essentials that you will need right away at your new home separately. If you’ll be changing banks, remove the contents of your safe-deposit box and put them in the safe box that you’ll take with you on moving day. Refill prescriptions. Stock up on prescriptions you’ll need during the next couple of weeks. Return rented or borrowed items (ie. DVD’s, library books). Pick up any dry cleaning. Drain gas and oil from any power equipment (ie. Lawn mower). Take down any fixtures on the walls or ceilings that you are taking with you.


Disconnect and prepare major appliances for the move. Defrost your freezer. Pack a box of personal items that will be needed immediately at your new home and set this aside with any other items that you are taking in your car. Remember to include valuables such as jewelry and passports in your safe box. Pack a box of snacks, drinks, toilet paper, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, etc.


Record all utility meter readings at your old and new home. Do a final clean up of your house. Remember to leave toilet paper and paper towels. Turn lights off, furnace down or off, lock windows and doors, and leave keys as agreed. Enjoy a stress free move with Cubeit Portable Storage. You will already have packed your container, and our delivery driver will pick up and relocate your container. Feel great! By using Cubeit Portable Storage, the most convenient do-it-yourself method, you have saved money and ensured a successful move.