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Winter Festivities in Ottawa

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Celebrating the National Capital Commission’s great work

January 21, 2024

Ottawa, a city molded by winter, proudly stands as one of the globe's chilliest capitals. For nearly half the year, its streets wear a snowy coat—an enthusiastic embrace of the season that resonates with the enduring spirit of Canadians.

The iconic image of families gleefully skating on the frozen Rideau Canal, framed by the Parliament Buildings, perfectly captures the Canadian love for the cold months. In this winter wonderland, Ottawa thrives, thanks in part to the devoted efforts of the National Capital Commission (NCC).

The NCC plays a pivotal role in maintaining and promoting the Capital Region, ensuring it remains a year-round playground for all Canadians. Cubeit is honored to be a steadfast supporter of the NCC's vital work, contributing to the vibrancy of Ottawa in winter and beyond.

One of the highlights of the winter season in the Capital Region is the Rideau Canal Skateway—a testament to the enduring love Canadians have for the cold.

In 2024, keep an eye out for our branded Cubeit containers near the canal. These containers signify community areas for outdoor gatherings, enhancing the experience of savoring the crisp winter air. Weather permitting, these locations may also serve as starting points for a delightful skate along the canal.

Whether it's the Skateway or other NCC events, rest assured that, as a Canadian, the Capital Region is yours to celebrate. The NCC consistently strives to preserve Ottawa's extraordinary natural treasures, and Cubeit takes pride in supporting their efforts.