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Supporting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Labour Day Weekend

Blue Bombers Fans cheer on their team

Cubeit: Passionate Fans of the CFL

August 21, 2023

The much-anticipated moment is nearly upon us! Committed CFL enthusiasts are gearing up for the apex of the season—the Labour Day weekend and its iconic Labour Day Classic. Cubeit is excited to once again affirm its steadfast endorsement for various CFL teams during this exhilarating period.

In Winnipeg, Labour Day holds a distinctive significance: it's the occasion for the city to exhibit its dominance over Saskatchewan and spotlight who truly reigns as the top prairie team. Cubeit will be keeping a watchful eye as our associated company, Access Storage, lends its support to this remarkable event.

With roots tracing back to 1949, the annual Labour Day Weekend clash between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders has captivated fans from both sides. Although history tips the scale in favor of the Roughriders, the 'Bombers are currently embarking on a triumphant streak in this fierce competition.

As of 2022, Saskatchewan leads the series with 37 victories, while Winnipeg boasts 20 wins. As ardent sponsors of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Cubeit will once again be at the heart of the action, standing shoulder to shoulder with fervent Blue Bombers' supporters as they strive to narrow the gap in the series.

Yet, transcending the realm of victories and defeats, the essence of the Labour Day Classic weekend lies within the experience itself. It's a tradition that holds immeasurable value in its ability to bring people together. This event bridges generations, allowing older and younger enthusiasts to exchange cherished memories while forging new ones. The essence of the CFL and Labour Day Weekend is the unity it fosters.

The day also brings about a spirited sense of camaraderie among rivals. While you may share the closest of bonds for six days of the week, on game day, you're transformed into passionate adversaries—albeit momentarily. The rivalry diminishes once the final whistle sounds, clearing the way for friendships to rekindle, often over a shared meal (courtesy of the fan supporting the less fortunate team, naturally!).

Irrespective of the team one stands behind, the CFL unites Canadians through a shared history and an unwavering passion for the game. As ardent proponents of the Blue Bombers and enthusiastic followers of the CFL, Cubeit eagerly looks forward to your presence at the stadium during this Labour Day weekend.