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Providing food security this holiday season

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Cubeit’s 2023 Gift of Giving campaign

December 11, 2023

The festive season is a time for joy, unity, and generosity. At Cubeit, we grasp the significance of this special time, creating enduring memories for families and friends.

**Recognizing Economic Challenges **

While reveling in the season's joy, we remain aware that not everyone shares the same fortune. Economic challenges often cast a shadow on the holidays, compelling many to prioritize basic needs over celebrations. This is especially disheartening for those grappling with food insecurity.

A Modest Gesture with a Significant Impact

In the spirit of making a positive difference, Cubeit proudly unveils its annual Gift of Giving program. Throughout the holiday period, we extend our support to food banks and other charities addressing nationwide food insecurity. This year we are supporting the following food banks or food insecurity charities across Canada:

•Greater Vancouver Food Bank

•TNO, Toronto

•Calgary Food Bank

•Associated Youth Services of Peel

•Edmonton Food Bank

•Regina Food Bank

•Lethbridge Food Bank

•Food4Kids Waterloo

•Red Deer Food Bank

•Hamilton Food Share

•Feed Nova Scotia

•Archway Community Services, Mission

•Wood Buffalo Food Bank

•Burlington Food Bank

•Le Depot, Montreal

•Siloam Mission, Winnipeg

It's a modest gesture, yet one we are passionately committed to.

Fostering Strong Communities

Cubeit is dedicated to cultivating resilient communities, and through the 2024 Gift of Giving campaign, we aim to bring meaningful change to the holiday experiences of those most in need.

Wishing you a festive season filled with warmth and happiness!