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Ottawa REDBLACKS look to bring the noise in 2023

Ottawa REDBLACKS in CFL Football action

Cubeit Celebrates the thrills of CFL Football

August 16, 2023

As September draws near, an undercurrent of excitement envelops us. For many, it heralds the start of the school year or the wistful conclusion of summer. However, for devoted CFLenthusiasts, the close of August signals the escalation of the CFL season.

With the arrival of Labour Day weekend and the accompanying Labour Day Classic, followed by the captivating journey through playoffs culminating in the Grey Cup, autumn unequivocally stands as the zenith of the year for Canadian football aficionados.

In Ottawa, a palpable buzz fills the air as an electrifying team gathers momentum. Overcoming a sluggish start, the REDBLACKS have strategically positioned themselves for an engrossing second half in 2023, steering their trajectory toward the playoffs. Cubeit eagerly anticipates witnessing the progress that the REDBLACKS, who enjoy sponsorship from our sister company, Access Storage, will make this fall.

Since its resurgence in 2014, the REDBLACKS have cemented their status as a treasured Ottawa institution. The devoted fan base congregates at games, transforming home matches into the ultimate celebratory spectacle in Ottawa every autumn.

The influential advantage of the "13th man" has propelled Ottawa into the sphere of contenders. The REDBLACKS not only burst onto the scene with fervor but astonishingly secured the CFL championship in just their third season—an exceptional achievement that underscored their formidable presence.

While they may not have replicated that championship glory, the REDBLACKS continue to invigorate Ottawa fans each season, a testament to their unwavering spirit. This is precisely why Cubeit takes immense pride in being a steadfast partner to this team.

Irrespective of the team you stand by, the CFL serves as a binding force for Canadians. As staunch sponsors of the REDBLACKS and ardent supporters of the CFL, Cubeit eagerly anticipates your presence at a stadium during this imminent fall.