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Honouring the Game of Hockey with New Canadians

New Canadians playing hockey in Leaside

Cubeit Acknowledges NHL/NHLPA FIRST SHIFT’s efforts to introduce hockey to new arrivals in Canada

April 1, 2023

It is widely acknowledged that Canadians possess an inherent affinity for the fervor of hockey. From the earliest days of our lives, we hold a natural affection and reverence for the "Good 'Ole Hockey Game" – participating in its play, watching its matches, reading about it, and engaging in year-round enthusiasm.

Hockey claims its spot as the most cherished sport in our nation. Naturally, individuals relocating to Canada from diverse origins aspire to partake in the esteemed dialogue of our country. They seek to join discussions on power-play strategies and partake in the exhilaration of significant triumphs, alongside the wider community.

Yet, for those unfamiliar with the sport prior to their arrival in Canada, diving into it can be a daunting task. Like any other sport, hockey brings along its own language, regulations, and equipment that might be unfamiliar to newcomers.

The NHL/NHLPA FIRST SHIFT program provides an exceptional gateway for families newly arrived in Canada to embrace hockey. This initiative is thoughtfully designed to offer a positive inaugural experience for those new to the sport. Its aim is to allow them to comprehend the essence of why countless Canadians hold a natural fondness for hockey, ultimately inspiring their ongoing engagement.

The program extends its reach across the entire nation. In Leaside, a community in Toronto, Cubeit's sister company, Access Storage, collaboratively partnered with the local hockey association to facilitate access to the NHL/NHLPA FIRST SHIFT program for families in the vicinity.

During the event, witnessing numerous young individuals donned in smiles, wholeheartedly enjoying a game that many of us grew up playing, cherishing, and persistently adoring, was a heartwarming sight. It reaffirms the notion that the pleasure derived from hockey transcends cultural boundaries – a simple introduction and firsthand experience are all it takes.

As dedicated sponsors of hockey on a national level, Cubeit takes immense pride in contributing to the endeavor of acquainting new hockey families with the wonders of Canada's favorite game.