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Guide to Moving, Packing, and Storage: Part 2

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May 8, 2023

Hello again and welcome to the second part of the full guide to moving, packing and storage. These two posts combined are meant to serve as an indispensable checklist for all your moving plans and needs. Just follow it, and you will move like a pro! Let's continue.

Vacuum-seal your off-season clothing and bedding

This is even more important if you are going to use a self-storage facility(Storage For Your Life has several (self-storage locations near Vancouver). The vacuum seal will make it take up less space and protect it from moisture.

Finish packing before your friends or movers show up

Packing whilst there are a bunch of people milling around is excruciatingly hard. You can't get them to help you because only you know what goes where and everyone is in your way. This part you need to do on your own, and before everybody else arrives.

If you have enough people helping you

Divide them into shifts, with some showing up for the move-out in the morning and others coming to help with the move-in at the new place.

Number and categorize your boxes

We mentioned labeling in the previous part, but this can help you achieve even more order in the chaos. Keep a list with item contents for each box number, so you know exactly what is packed where. Color coding won't hurt either and can help you put the stuff in the right rooms right away.

Have a special treatment for valuables

Pack jewelry and expensive electronics in separate containers and move them in your private vehicle rather than in the big stuffed truck. If you have fragile valuables, like statuary, vases, glass furniture or a large plasma TV, hiring movers may be a good idea. Friends won't compensate you if they break anything, while a moving company probably has insurance that can cover the damage.

While we are on the movers topic

Let's mention another important item. Read the fine print of the agreement before you sign. Make sure you know what is covered by their insurance and to what extent. Also, some movers will move certain things,like garbage bags. They will only move boxes that they will be happy to sell you at a hyped-up last minute cost.

Take pictures

Take pictures of the old place when you are on the way out, and of the new place before you move in. Some landlords will claim your deposit check, saying you left the old place damaged and dirty. Make sure you have proof that it was clean and intact. If the new place has cracks, nail holes, peeling paint or anything else of the sort, make sure you document this as well, so you don't get blamed for it when you are ready to move out.

Use a bar of soap to fill the nail holes

This is a neat trick that saves you the necessity to work on every little puncture mark. The landlord will (or at least should) renovate before the next tenant moves in, so you really shouldn't bother with this yourself.

If you are moving to another province

You might consider using a self-storage facility for some of the items and come back for them later. Many professionals move for work, and we have seen more than a few come back after a few months disappointed and bedraggled after having to move there and back again with all of their belongings. Our self-storage in Surreypublic storage in Coquitlammini storage in Mission and Langley storage units are, on the other hand, full of the non-essentials belonging to people who had also moved for work. The benefit of this is double. First, you don't have to move everything twice if it doesn't work out, and second - with less stuff, you can rent a smaller place there at first, which will save you a great deal on a monthly basis.

Once you are good to stay in the new city

And ready to ship your stuff on to join you there, you might want to consider using Greyhound. A private mover will charge you a great deal more for a cross-country adventure. Whichever you choose, make sure to pack tight, because your boxes will take a bit of a beating on this long ride.

If you have stuff you don't need

Make sure you start getting rid of it at least a month before you move. Give it away to friends, charity or sell it on eBay or Kijiji, but remember that it takes time and effort to allocate lots of time for it so it doesn't affect your move. There is probably a thing or two that we could add here, but this list definitely covers the essentials. If you have any more questions about packaging supplies, moving services and self-storage units in Mission, Coquitlam, Surrey or Langley, just contact oneofour self-storage facilities and we will be glad to help you.