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Embracing Guts & Glory for Covenant House

Access Storage at the Guts and Glory event

Cubeit extends support to a vital youth-focused charity

March 1, 2023

Few things are as intimidating as the prospect of losing one's home.

The assurance of having a secure shelter is essential for nearly all aspects of a well-rounded life. Devoid of a place to call home, rest, sustenance, and safety become uncertain. Nobody desires to be without a dwelling.

This sentiment holds even more weight when we consider children. Childhood should ideally be a time of carefree happiness, where needs are met and anxieties are rare. Yet, every year, numerous children find themselves on the streets, often through no fault of their own.

The mission of safeguarding and aiding these unhoused children falls under the responsibility of Toronto's Covenant House. They fulfill this mission commendably, but it necessitates a collective endeavor to offer more assistance. One avenue through which we can contribute is by supporting their fundraising initiatives, such as the Guts & Glory competition held each winter.

Cubeit takes great pride in its sister company, Access Storage, for being a committed sponsor of this event. Their support goes beyond financial aid; they also provide practical assistance during the event by offering a coat check for participants throughout the night.

As always, the event proved to be a dynamic and triumphant evening. During Guts & Glory, corporate teams engage in a variety of athletic challenges, with points awarded to the top performers in each activity. While it's all in good fun, most teams eagerly participate, hoping their company will bask in the ultimate glory that night.

When it comes to truly embodying the most courage, there is no competition. It is the children who must confront the harsh realities of street life every night. The aspiration is that through events like this, their bravery will no longer be a necessity, enabling them to reclaim their childhood without the burdens they currently endure.

Now, that would indeed mark a genuine and lasting glory.