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Cubeit proudly backs the Indigenous Relay Races at the 2023 Calgary Stampede

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July 11, 2023

July in Calgary signifies one thing: the arrival of the Stampede! For well over a century, cowboys and cowgirls from across Canada and beyond have gathered in Calgary for the Calgary Stampede, better known as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Describing this 10-day event is no small feat, as it combines a rodeo, cultural exhibition, family festival, world-class concerts, and an enduring Alberta tradition. With something at the Stampede for everyone, Cubeit, along with its self-storage partner Sentinel Storage, is honored to once again be part of this important event.

We are particularly thrilled to sponsor the Indigenous Relay Races at this year's Calgary Stampede. As founding sponsors of this significant cultural and athletic event, Cubeit has been engaged with the Relay Races for multiple years. Words alone cannot capture the thrill of witnessing an Indigenous Relay Race. Teams of bareback riders race three laps around the track at exhilarating speeds, but here's the twist: the rider must change horses after each lap! With the assistance of horse handlers in the exchange zone, the rider leaps from one horse to another before completing the next lap. It is a display of incredible athleticism that never fails to captivate the crowds.

Beyond the excitement, the relay races hold profound cultural significance for the indigenous population in Alberta. The sport's origins can be traced back over 300 years and are intimately linked to the food gathering practices of the Tribes that inhabited the Canadian Prairies. For the Aboriginal athletes involved, it is more than just a competition; it represents a deep and meaningful connection to their heritage and ancestors.

For these reasons and more, Cubeit is thrilled to be part of this unique and marvelous facet of the Calgary Stampede. Additionally, we will sponsor three breakfast events during the Stampede, a cherished tradition that draws visitors from all walks of life. As Canada's premier storage providers, we are delighted to contribute to the celebration of Western Canada's vibrant culture.

Join us at the Calgary Stampede and experience the excitement firsthand!