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Cubeit pays tribute to the National Capital Region

Cubeit container and people walking through the NCC's Canadian Tulip Festival

May 1, 2023

When you think about the National Capital Region, a multitude of impressions may come to mind.

Perhaps an image of the Neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings, symbolizing stability and heritage for all Canadians.

You might envision the simple, inherent beauty of the Ottawa River, which has facilitated the movement of goods and people for over a century.

Alternatively, you could conjure an image of the frozen Rideau Canal, a canvas for families to skate upon and embrace winter in a uniquely Canadian way.

Others may recollect the Tulips - a gift from the Netherlands that forged a connection between our nations during the Second World War. These tulips continue to embody that bond, serving as a constant reminder that beauty and joy can emerge even from the darkest of times.

The National Capital Commission ensures that the Capital Region flourishes, radiating beauty and welcoming all Canadians to partake in the celebrations. Here, the NCC supports festival organizers by meticulously crafting, planting, and nurturing all the tulips. This encompasses an impressive assortment of 100 tulip varieties across 120 beds spanning 30 sites.

Collectively, from late April to May, nearly one million tulips bloom in Ottawa and Gatineau, culminating in a breathtaking spectacle that has captivated visitors for more than half a century. Cubeit takes pride in partnering with our sister company, Access Storage, to support the NCC in its pivotal role during the Canadian Tulip Festival.

Whether it's the Canadian Tulip Festival or any of the other splendid events supported by the NCC annually, take solace in the fact that as a Canadian, the Capital Region belongs to you.