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Cubeit joins the quest to find a cure with JDRF

Depotium Partnership Team at the JDRF Ride to Defeat Diabetes

October 5, 2023

JDRF stands as the world's leading organization dedicated to funding research for type 1 diabetes (T1D). Their strength lies in their unwavering commitment and unmatched influence in the global mission to eliminate T1D, an autoimmune condition that mistakenly targets and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

Each day, JDRF tirelessly works to redefine the narrative surrounding this disease for millions of individuals, striving to protect others from ever experiencing it. They achieve this by funding research, advocating for government support for research and innovative therapies, ensuring the swift introduction of new treatments, and uniting and engaging the T1D community.

Their relentless efforts maintain the momentum of funding, preventing any slowdown or interruption in progress and bringing us closer to turning type one into type none.

Since 1986, JDRF Canada has hosted the annual Sun Life Ride to Defeat Diabetes. Cubeit has proudly partnered in this event since 2022 and eagerly anticipates participating once again this month.

“JDRF is grateful for the National Partnership with Access Storage and thrilled to be collaborating for our highly anticipated 2023 Sun Life Ride to Defeat Diabetes for JDRF,” said Nicole Robson, Vice President, Philanthropy. “Access Storage is an amazing partner as they continually create unique event activations to meaningfully Ride participants. With Access Storage’s support it helps JDRF accelerate research and to ultimately find a cure.”

The JDRF Ride stands as Canada's largest stationary bike charity ride. In 2022, this event raised over $1 million, with 860 teams comprising five riders each, all participating in in-person events.

Participants enjoy a lively and enjoyable event. The Ride involves five riders taking turns on stationary bikes for eight-minute intervals while their colleagues cheer them on. It truly is an event that accommodates individuals of diverse athletic abilities.

For those unable to attend this year's in-person events, scheduled for Montreal on October 5, Toronto on October 12, or Calgary on October 19, there is an opportunity to support JDRF through the Ride Your Way initiative.

No matter how you choose to get involved, your contributions go toward a noble cause that holds great significance for Cubeit. We wholeheartedly believe in promoting community health and actively engage across Canada in supporting initiatives like the JDRF Ride.

We eagerly await your participation in the upcoming JDRF event and are even more enthusiastic about the possibility of one day eliminating the need for such events through the discovery of a cure for type 1 diabetes.