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Cubeit joins forces with the Toronto Blue Jays™

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June 14 2023

Cubeit is proud to be the Official Portable Storage Provider of the Toronto Blue Jays™

The Toronto Blue Jays are an important part of many Canadians’ lives. For those fans, watching the Blue Jays with friends and family is something that has provided them with cherished memories. They remember warm, summer nights at the ballpark, or watching on television with the people that matter to them the most.

Supporting the Blue Jays is often a family tradition. For many they became a fan after watching games in their grandmother’s lap and are now doing the same with their children. The baseball season is inherently linked with positive memories.

As Canada’s only team in Major League Baseball, the Blue Jays reach a large audience that stretches from coast to coast. You can see evidence of their reach whenever the Blue Jays play in an American city that is close to the Canadian border. Whether it is Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh or beyond, there are often as many Blue Jays fans in the stadium as there are fans of the home team.

The Blue Jays are arguably the biggest and most popular sports brand in Canada.

It’s for those reasons that we are thrilled to be able to partner with the Blue Jays to be their Official Portable Storage Partners.

As a company that is in the business of keeping our client’s memories safe in our portable storage containers, there is a natural synergy with being affiliated with a team that has created so many positive memories for Canadians.

We are especially excited to be part of the Blue Jays family now, at a time when the team is once again among the best teams in Major League Baseball. Featuring some of the biggest stars in the sport, this is a team that could go all the way and bring a championship back to Canada.

As partners and as fans, we are excited to see just how high the Blue Jays can soar.

Let’s Go Blue Jays!

Cubeit is the official storage provider of the Toronto Blue Jays