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Cubeit is dedicated to children's healthcare

CTV Staff Celebrating CHEO fundraising efforts

**Supporting the incredible efforts of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario **

June 4, 2022

The significance of our health cannot be overstated, and Cubeit's commitment to ensuring access to top-notch healthcare options for the communities we serve drives our passion for supporting hospitals and organizations dedicated to healthcare research and advocacy.

While we take great pride in all our healthcare partnerships, those that support children’s hospitals hold a special place in our hearts. It is evident that we must do everything in our power to assist sick children and their families.

In that spirit, the inspiring work of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) moves us deeply.

Thus, we observed with pride as our sister company, Access Storage, participated in the CHEO Telethon this past June and generously provided a matching gift.

The two-week digital and TV broadcast campaign raised over $600,000, making a significant contribution to CHEO's ability to provide world-class care to children, youth, and families.

The Telethon brought exceptional exposure to CHEO's work through its digital campaign, reaching millions in the Ottawa Valley and beyond from May 22 to June 4.

The Telethon represents just one facet of CHEO’s year-round fundraising efforts, and Cubeit proudly stands as a steadfast supporter of the hospital's exceptional work throughout the year.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who contribute and commend the ongoing outstanding work being accomplished at CHEO.