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Cubeit gears up for the CFL’s Battle of Alberta

Battle of Alberta CFL players in Action

Cubeit sets its sights on Alberta and the CFL this Labour Day

Aug 14, 2023

Labour Day in Alberta always brings forth a singular event – the CFL’s Battle of Alberta between the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Elks!

This faceoff stands out in the league’s Labour Day Classics lineup, and, as always, Cubeit will be fully engaged as ardent supporters of the CFL.

In Calgary, the Stampeders are preparing to safeguard their territory against their counterparts from the north, promising a crucial match in the West Division.

Since 1949, the Battle of Alberta has marked an annual Labour Day tradition, barring only eleven seasons as exceptions. This steadfast tradition has persisted since 1982.

The rivalry is as evenly matched as can be. As of 2022, both teams showcase identical records of 30 wins, 30 losses, and a single draw.

As dedicated sponsors of the CFL, Cubeit will be observing as its affiliated company, Sentinel Storage, once again participates in the event, standing shoulder to shoulder with fans as they eagerly await the outcome of this historic encounter.

Beyond the ultimate score, the Battle of Alberta bears significance as a cultural touchstone for Albertans every year. It offers a chance to flock to the stadium or convene around the TV screen, coming together in celebration of the province and the spectacle of CFL football.

Fans of various ages can revel in the game collectively, irrespective of whether their allegiances align (though that certainly enhances the enjoyment)!

Whether you're a backer of the Stampeders, the Elks, or another team entirely, the Labour Day games foster a sense of community and a shared narrative, all while forming lasting memories to be treasured over the years.

As proud supporters of both the Stampeders and Elks, and as enthusiastic devotees of CFL, Cubeit eagerly looks forward to your presence at the stadium on Labour Day.