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Sentinel Storage helps bring joy to Wood Buffalo families

kids having fun at the Splash N' Boots Event

Supporting arts and music events, like the Splash’N Boots concert in Fort McMurray

June 1, 2023

Ensuring that the sheer delight of experiencing live performances of exceptional children's music is within reach for all Canadian families is a top priority. These events have a lasting impact on the young attendees, as seen through their vibrant eyes and unified voices singing along with the performance.

The emotional significance of these events extends to the parents and caregivers who accompany the children. They experience a fusion of nostalgia from their own childhood and a deep sense of gratitude for the memories being created with the children under their care. Unfortunately, for Canadians residing outside major urban centers, where individual community members often must step up to make an event like this happen, such opportunities are a rarity. In places like Fort McMurray, the chance to attend a large-scale concert is a seldom-seen occurrence.

We commend the efforts of our affiliated partner, Sentinel Storage, for facilitating the appearance of Splash’N Boots in the Wood Buffalo region. Providing families in Northern Alberta with the opportunity to partake in such events without the need to travel to Edmonton or beyond is of significant importance. Fresh from their second JUNO Award for Heart Parade and a 2022 Canadian Folk Music Award, Splash’N Boots brought a legacy of two decades in children's music to the Fort McMurray show. An engaged audience reveled in the chance to witness the beloved Treehouse TV performers, forging memories that will endure for years.

Instances like this underscore Cubeit's commitment to actively engage with every community it serves, ensuring that the realms of music and the arts are accessible in all corners of Canada.