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Celebrating an Exceptional CFL Season Finale 

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The celebration in Hamilton caps off an extraordinary CFL season

November 21, 2023 

The 2023 Canadian Football League season concluded in thrilling fashion on Sunday, encapsulating a journey rife with surprises and unexpected turns. The resilient underdogs from

Montreal clinched a breathtaking come-from-behind victory against a Winnipeg team participating in its fourth consecutive championship game. 

Concluding a playoff run that featured successive triumphs over the top two regular-season teams, the Alouettes undeniably solidified their status as deserving champions. 

This acknowledgment in no way diminishes the achievements of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who exhibited outstanding performance throughout the day, capping off another immensely successful season. While falling short in the final game is undoubtedly disappointing, the Blue Bombers' accomplishments over the past four seasons are truly commendable. There is confidence that they will regroup swiftly, eager to resume their excellence in the 2024 season. 

As always, the true victors were the fans. Hamilton orchestrated a sensational show, including a family-friendly Touchdown at the Grey Cup festival proudly supported by our sister company, Access Storage.

From a halftime performance destined to be etched in our memories to every other remarkable moment in between, this week was undeniably special, offering a perfect conclusion to the 2023 CFL season. 

Cubeit takes immense pride in contributing to this iconic Canadian tradition and eagerly anticipates the kickoff of the 2024 CFL season!