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Celebrating Access Storage's 25th Anniversary

Celebrating Access Storage's 25th Anniversary

A leader in the self-storage industry for 25 years…and still going strong!

November 1, 2023

It all began with modest roots. When Access Storage set sail in 1997, its operations were confined to just a handful of locations, all nestled within the Greater Toronto Area. While the same dedication to community engagement and exceptional customer service that defines the company today was present from the outset, it took time for Access Storage to blossom into what it has become.

What it has transformed into is the largest and most renowned self-storage provider in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. As a proud sister company, Cubeit extends its heartfelt congratulations to Access Storage as it marks its 25th anniversary.

The journey from a small-scale venture to the self-storage leader it is today was the result of a calculated and strategic approach to expansion. By blending astute acquisitions with cutting-edge new constructions, Access Storage now takes pride in managing over 140 storage facilities, including sites in every major market within the provinces they serve.

However, the number of stores they operate is only a fraction of the story behind their success—a small fraction, indeed. The triumph of Access Storage is rooted in its people and their unwavering commitment to serving the communities where they both live and work.

"Shop Canadian. Store Canadian" isn't just an empty slogan at Access Storage. They wholeheartedly believe in the value of being a Canadian business that actively contributes to the well-being of fellow Canadians. Their presence in these communities isn't just about business; it's about calling these places home.

This reality has profoundly shaped Access Storage and fueled its involvement in community initiatives. They collaborate with over 200 partners, spanning from national entities like professional sports teams and healthcare charities to local events such as community fairs, literary festivals, and everything in between. Access Storage takes immense pride in the positive impact it creates within the community.

As Access Storage commemorates its 25th anniversary, we find ourselves reflecting on the remarkable milestones they've achieved in this time. More importantly, we eagerly anticipate the next 25 years, as they continue to grow and prosper alongside the Canadians they serve.

Cubeit is proud to be a sister company to Access Storage and is excited about the future for both organizations.