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The advantages to renting a portable self storage container

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January 30, 2023

We are often asked, "Why make self-storage portable? What's really the advantage?"

If the advantage was merely singular, then we probably wouldn't have as much fun answering. Certainly, the advantages to portable self-storage containers are multiple.While we at Cubeit love to brag in person about the benefits we provide, we also thought it might be easier for you if we state them here. If you're wondering what advantages portable storage containers can have for your moving or storage project, then read on.

Take a look at our quick step-by-step guide and frequently asked questions on how we work here.


If you're moving homes or your business, then the portable self-storage container is a more convenient storage solution than renting a truck for the move. With the container dropped off on your property, you are now able to move items into the container with ease, at your own pace. Rather than needing to get the truck back to the rental company, our containers can sit in your driveway, and be filled at your own pace.

Once the unit is full, and you are ready to move to your new home, we'll be by to pick it up and drop it off at the new location. For more help with moving, read this.


When it comes to renovations, Portable self-storage containers are the best solution to go for. Protecting your items during the renovation period is the key, where you wouldn't want to move them offsite – rather keep your stuff onsite for ease of moving the it back in place.

Unpack items as stages of the renovations are finished and do this at your own pace. This is a much easier option than storing the items offsite for the entire renovation period or having to run offsite multiple times to pick up certain items ready to return to the completed room.


The portable self-storage container is like adding a garage to your property, increasing storage space for residential and business purposes alike. Have a portable self-storage unit dropped off, and it's almost like you've just built an addition to your house, storefront, warehouse, or office.

A business requiring additional space for inventory can house that excess onsite with a portable storage container. When you suddenly need that excess, you won't miss any sales having to run offsite to access it: everything's right there at your fingertips, ready for any of your customers.

A contracting company will benefit greatly from housing their equipment and extra supplies in a portable self-storage container that can be dropped at any construction site or property. There's no need to load and unload heavy equipment everyday: it's there onsite when you need it. Landscaping businesses too can find similar value in a portable self-storage unit.

On the other side of renovations is typically a designer or decorator, and if you are able to set up the portable self-storage container for your client, then you are adding a huge value for them. Have it dropped off at the house a week before the renovations, and your client will have plenty of time to move their items out of the way.

Real estate agents too can find an added value for their clients with a portable self-storage unit. Selling a home often requires staging the home in a neutral way to encourage buyers, and this usually means replacing a lot of the furniture with stock items, and removing idiosyncratic items, such as family portraits, children's toys, and the like. A portable self-storage unit can house those items during stagings, while leaving the items accessible for the family onsite.

Travelers and Students

If you are travelling for an extended period and subletting your home during your time away, then a portable self-storage unit is a way to keep your personal items safe from, and out of the way of, your tenants. While you are preparing for your travels, you can also have the ease to slowly fill your unit. Realized that you do need that item you've already put in storage? No need to worry; it's right there onsite with a portable self-storage unit.

Similarly, if you are a student who is heading home from university or college for the summer, you may find it much easier to store your furniture onsite at your home, while you are subletting the space for the summer. The portable self-storage unit is an easier, less stressful solution than a full move.

Portable self-storage containers offsite

For all the advantages above, we can add another: get the ease of loading onsite, but remove the unit, and store it elsewhere. Indeed, the nature of this storage solution is its flexibility to be almost anywhere.

If you're staging your house, but don't want the container to remain onsite during viewings, then it can easily be whisked away and stored at one of our secure storage facilities.

No matter what storage situation you find yourself in, a portable self-storage container is a convenient, flexible, and affordable solution that can work for any project. At Cubeit, our storage containers are weather resistant, durable, and secure – they're designed to withstand the harsh Canadian winters. Get your free estimate here, or find your nearest location here.

Speak to us at Cubeit Portable Storage to find out what we can do for your self-storage needs: 1-855-534-2630.